Ethiopian Love opens in Chinatown.

I hope people will try this cuisine and the unique aspect of eating with the hands and the practice of gursha, a gesture of love and affection as families sit down to a meal together and feed each other. You don’t have to do it if it makes you feel uncomfortable, but it’s said that food from the same plate tastes better with gursha. 

It is a practice that can only be possible in a society that prizes friends and family. Here, it’s a practice we tend to share only with young children and via the custom of bride and groom feeding each other wedding cake as part of the matrimonial ceremony. In Ethiopia, it’s practiced daily as a means of bringing families close while allowing them to share the details of their day and impart life lessons. 

Authentic Experience

Unique place and flavorful food, especially if you like vegetables!  Worth experiencing at least once,

Perfect Ambiance

Great place for impressing a date and getting intimate by eating with your hands


It's BYOB but there is a liquor store a couple blocks away.